Quality and Taste

The quality of PAHNA means to ensure incomparable pleasure and taste besides product safety by carefully selecting raw materials and by high quality standards in the entire production process. High priority is also given to the production process operating under socially acceptable and environmentally friendly conditions

Pahna uses only the highest quality and carefully selected ingredients . All products are without any preservatives.

Only by these means, we can achieve the unique flavor of our finest gingerbread


Our Ingredients

Sustainability starts in our view already in the procurement of raw materials. Therefore, we also include our second most important raw material, the invert sugar syrup from a nearby sugar factory, which in turn produces the sugar from local sugar beets.
Cinnamon is a spice from the dried bark of cinnamon trees, in particular from the Ceylon cinnamon tree. Cinnamon is available as a typical brown powder, as a whole cinnamon stick or as whole cinnamon-tree flowers
Star Anise
No spice looks more like Christmas - and actually star anise belongs to the classic ingredients for gingerbread and Christmas cookies. Star anise is popular for its licorice-like taste. Here in Germany, it is known only since the end of the 18th century
Whether ground or dried, candied or pickled - the Asian root gives cakes and pastries, a lemony spiciness.
Sugar Beet Syrup
Clso called sugar syrup is a sugar derived from the juice of syrup. He is uniformly dark brown, viscous and produced without the use of additives by the concentration of beet juice is pressed out of the cooked beet pulp .
We support the Albert Schweitzer Foundation "cage -free" , using the terms from 2011 with protein products only from manufacturers that obtain cage-free egg
In our very essential raw material - the flour - we build on regionality. For decades, we therefore source mainly from one mill in our neighborhood. The reason for this is our belief in trust and easier as well as faster access to our suppliers. Subsequently regional suppliers help to increase the efficiency of our production processes .

High level thanks to high quality standards

The focus of all divisions is on quality. Basis for the philosophy of quality is PAHNA’S self-perception as a brand manufacturer. The high quality standards starting from the selection of raw materials and going through the whole production process up to the packaging and delivery.

Quality at PAHNA is however not only limited to the products, but is also about the staff: only by their expertise and commitment, Pahna is able to offer all products to the customer at a consistently high level.

PAHNA follows this philosophy not only for the products, but also for all processes in the company. From purchasing to production and to logistics and distribution.

We sweeten

your life